Why Should I Hire a Listing Agent?


While some markets provide ample opportunities for offers for sale, there many more tasks in the process required for the best price and terms, a smooth process and a successful closing. I’ve met many sellers after time-consuming, frustrating, costly attempts at selling on their own.

They’re shocked at the difference in the process when working with an outstanding, service-driven professional. They’re even more surprised at the fact that their bottom line is helped, not hurt, by paying my commission. The average FSBO sale in 2020 sold for $217,900 compared with an average sale price of $295,000 for agent assisted sales; that’s 26% lower.

The following is a list of my minimal responsibilities to my sellers as their listing agent.


This integral stage of the sales process includes evaluation of the home and market, preparing the home for the best possible reception in the current market, strategic pricing to bring the most buyers and best profit and preparation for efficient and safe showings.

  • Home, neighborhood and comparable sales analysis
  • Home preparation and staging consultation
  • Preparing upfront for potential concerns for closing before they become a problem
  • Gathering all home information, completing a fully detailed listing in order to optimize home search results, writing inviting and keyword-rich descriptions
  • Sharing listing details with my network and current buyers
  • Outstanding professional images to present home in the best light
  • Preparing all ancillary documentation and uploading everything required for offers and sale.
  • Involving a trusted, highly-efficient title company and beginning pre-closing research.
  • Attaching a digital lockbox to the property only accessible by licensed agents that keeps a record of access.
  • Programming Showing Time – an online showing request system that notifies sellers immediately of showing requests, keeps a record of all showings & requests and collects important showing feedback.
  • Order printed marketing pieces, order up lawn sign (where allowed)
  • Set up listing website, numerous marketing platforms and Just Listed marketing
  • COVID-19 disclosures and safety protocol

Active Listing

This is the time for extensive marketing. I have a Master’s in Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital & Social Media Marketing. In addition to the latest marketing strategies, I combine effective traditional marketing methods for a winning combination. I consistently evaluate and reevaluate each listing throughout the process for the best results. I am dedicated to being a hands-on agent.

  • Extensive Just Listed digital marketing that includes multiple platforms and tools for local, national and international exposure.
  • Arrange for Open House, including extensive Open House marketing and COVID-19 safety precautions
  • Follow-up on all showings, gather & analyze showing feedback
  • Continue to share listing with extensive network
  • Bring qualified buyers to see listing
  • Frequently evaluate and re-evaluate the listing for best results, and share results and updates with sellers
  • Maintain quick and consistent communication with all parties
  • Employ methods for safety of home and occupants during the listing period.

Upon Receiving an Offer

All offers are not created alike and offer price is not nearly the only important factor. Source of funds, likely appraisal value, inspection periods and numerous other details of offers make this step extremely important in the process. Handled poorly, this could result in broken contracts, valuable time off market, the appearance of undesirability of the listing, costly mistakes and worse. Years of extensive experience are invaluable in securing the best possible results.

  • Immediately employ multiple strategies for encouraging multiple offers
  • Evaluate several important aspects of each offer, including confirming and evaluating each buyer’s source of funds.
  • Relay all of the relevant information for each offer to sellers and help them to make the most informed decision.
  • Negotiate strongly on behalf of my sellers for the best possible price and terms.
  • Anticipate possible outcomes and make my sellers aware and prepared for eventualities.
  • Navigate the inspection period, negotiate repair requests and secure the end of the inspection contingency.
  • Assist sellers in completing required repairs and share timely documentation with relevant parties.
  • Communicate and coordinate with the buyers’ lender, the title company, the buyer’s agent and other relevant professionals to ensure a smooth, timely closing process.
  • Secure all required disclosures, addenda and other documentation for seller’s protection in the process.
  • Strong, timely supervision and execution of closing process timeline.
  • Instruct sellers on relevant dates, tasks and requirements throughout the process.
  • Expert negotiation for any additional eventualities in the process.


  • Make appointments and arrangements for seller’s closing.
  • Arrange for buyer’s final walk-through, keys and deliverables.
  • Complete all required documents for closing listing.
  • Attend my seller’s signing.


  • Ensure that my sellers have all records required for their files.
  • Communications for seller’s required next steps.
  • Keep required documentation of transaction for 7 years.

Moving is very challenging all on its own. The time and effort required for your own responsibilities in moving, changing addresses, lifestyle adjustments and more will be more than enough to keep you busy. I consistently get my sellers the best possible price and terms, holding all the stress on my shoulders to leave you free to handle your personal affairs. Let me help you by keeping you well-protected, well-informed, safe and confident that I will bring you the best results with the least additional stress during an already stressful time. I’m always on your side!

Don’t take my word for it. Read my clients’ reviews and let me know if you’d like to speak to any of them personally. Looking forward to becoming your Realtor for Life.  

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